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Our Story

Lucky: The Dog Behind The Store










Our stores are named after our family dog, Lucky. She was a loving, gentle dog who was one of a kind. The first time we left Lucky home alone she startled us. As we walked through the garage door, we saw Lucky come barreling down the hallway with her mouth pulled back and teeth showing. Before we had time to react, she was jumping around, smothering us with kisses and wagging her tail. We soon learned when Lucky showed her teeth, she was not growling, but smiling to greet us. A dog with a smile and personality! Lucky was a wonderful dog; she was loyal, trustworthy, dependable and caring. Sadly, Lucky got ill and died young and  unexpectedly. We decided to name our company after Lucky given her traits mirror the values we try to represent. Specifically, we hope to earn your LOYALTY and TRUST so we can be your DEPENDABLE source for products and show  WE CARE in the process. We just hope our smile does not scare you as much as Lucky’s!

GOD BLESS YOU AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR BUSINESS. We hope you make Lucky’s your landmark for convenience and service!


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